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Waste Management



Industrial Solutions

Automation Engineering

LED Products

Food & Beverages

Fabrics & Designers


JMKC Clean Energy division undertakes the turnkey, consultancy, EPC and AMC services for all green projects.

  •  Solar Power Solutions
  •  Bio Gas Engineering
  •  Bio Mass Engineering
  •  Hydro Energy
  •  Waste Management

JMKC Industrial Solutions division offer a wide range of multi-disciplinary services in project engineering across several sectors.

  •   Material Handling System
  •   Power & Safety
  •   HVAC & Refrigeration
  •   General Maintenance
  •   Piping Engineering
  •   Industrial Components & Spare

Automation engineering strives to provide economical and innovative solutions for customer seeking to improve productivity via automated assembly or testing system.

  •   Pneumatic & Hydraulics Controls
  •   Electro-Mechanical Controls
  •   Control Electronics (PLC & SCADA)
  •   Industrial Robotics

JMKC Power & Infra Projects division provides services for infrastructure and power projects.

  •   Civil Engineering
  •   Power Engineering

JMKC Group deals is LED Products and power saving projects implication.

  •   Street Light & High Mask Light
  •   Interior and Exterior Lighting Solutions

JMKC Food & Beverage division manufacturer and supplier of drinking water and exporter of FMCG and Agricultural products.

  •   Agricultural Products
  •   FMCG Products
  •   Toiletry Products

JMKC Fabrics & Designers division manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality of Garments, Artificial jewelry & Handicraft items.

  •  Garments
  •  Artificial Jewelry
  •  Handicraft Products


  •   Workshops
  •   Engineering Projects
  •   Summer/Vocational Projects
  •   Industrial Exposer